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Vacation Break!

We left last week for Washington D.C. for a sightseeing vacation and we definitely got our fill of wonderful sights.  It was my first trip to D.C. and I left D.C. feeling very proud of the monuments, memorials, and museums we have in our nation’s capitol.  We spend 4 full days and 2 half days (arrived about 5:00 pm on Thursday and left at 2:00 pm on Tuesday).  We made the most of each day, including the day we arrived and the day we left!    There were several things on my 27 Things list related to this vacation break.  One was to research the trip which I did before we left but in reality I continued to learn and research while we were there (that is #15).  I also committed to keep a travel journal (#16) which I did keep, but I will say that it was a challenging task.   At the end of each day I was tired and didn’t really feel much like writing.  If I had had a computer it would have been easier because I don’t like the effort it takes to write with pen and paper!  This is mostly because I cannot write as quickly as I think and I really like to type for that reason.  However, I did keep the travel journal and I know I will be glad that I did.  With so much activity packed into a small timeframe it is hard to keep the details of the trip intact, and I do like to recall the chronology of my vacation activities!

Monuments IMG_6021

One of my 27 Things this month is related to health and steps!  Wow (said with a Christopher Walken intonation) did I ever get the steps in on this vacation.  My goal is 10,000 steps a day and I find it challenging to get those steps in on a regular day at home and work.  We arrived in D.C. about 5:00 on Tuesday and by the end of Tuesday evening, I had 10,383 steps!  On day 2 of our D.C. trip, I logged in 22,448 steps (or 10.18 miles) or 224% of my daily goal!  Wow!  I was tired, but inspired with the amount of walking exercise I got!  Over the next several days I continued to exceed my goal and so at this point, I have 6 of my 15 days of 10,000 steps down!  The challenge will be to get that remaining 9 days and I will have to work at that.

I also finished reading “The Round House” by Louise Erdrich.  I did most of my reading on the flight to D.C. and the return flight home.  The flight was about 5 hours each way and the book was perfect for making the flight enjoyable.  Finishing this work of fiction means I can cross off #8 on my list of 27 Things.

Vacation is over and it is back to my regular schedule and routines!  I’m looking forward to the remainder of September and truly enjoyed the vacation break in Washington D.C.  I need to begin planning another vacation!  Maybe that task will be placed on my October list of 27 Things!


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