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Half Way Through September

It is just about the half way mark and I’ve made progress on my September 27 Things list!  This week I made progress on #24 – researching living trusts by meeting with an attorney and making a committment to create a living trust.  There is more work involved but we are more than halfway done.

On Saturday, both Mor and I worked in the yard and I worked on weeding several of the flower beds and also moved the azalea pot so that it could dry out some (it was too close to the sprinkler).  That being done, I marked #3 off my list.

Today, Sunday,  I tackled #11 and #13 both related to new recipes.  The weekend is a great time to try out new recipes.

The new jam recipe (#13) is a strawberry jam  I found on Pinterest.  It is a Martha Stewart recipe and is very simple:  strawberries, sugar, and lemon juice.  There is no pectin in the jam recipe and it meant to be eaten within 10 days.  I thought it would be fun to try it.  The jam overall was tasty.  It did not thicken up the way I would have expected, but then, there was no added pectin.  The flavor was very fresh and bright and I think the jam would be great over vanilla or strawberry ice cream or on pancakes or waffles!


I also promised Mor I would try a new entrée today and he wanted meatloaf so I searched through Pinterest and found a new recipe to try (#11).  It is cooking right now and really smells good.  It is not too different from what I have made in the past but different enough that I would consider it a new recipe for meatloaf.  Note:  The meatloaf was okay but not one that I would make again.  It was a little too much on the sweet side for Mor so I’ll just have to keep looking for the perfect meatloaf recipe.

All in all, it was a busy week last week with our return from our vacation in Washington D.C. and work  on Thursday and Friday.  It all caught up with me by Friday night and I was pretty exhausted.  So this weekend has primarily been focused on catching up on rest and relaxation!   I picked up a new Louise Erdrich novel to read too!


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