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What Do You Do When You Come to a Yellow Light?

yellow light

LOL….that line brings back memories from the old “Taxi” sit com.   I think you have to be a baby boomer to remember that line and if you saw the show,  you’ll never forget it.  The answer is of course, SLOW DOWN!   In a discussion on Saturday, the line came up and brought back lots of laughs and good memories.  The “slow down” part though is what really stopped me in my tracks.  I tend to get into a hyper drive and the weekends usually end up being super busy because I’m trying to accomplish so much in the two day break from my regular workweek!   This past weekend was really no different as I had a big list of things to do.

However, I did slow down in a sense, and it ended up being productive in a really good way.  On Saturday, I awoke in a leisurely, unhurried way which was really nice.  Often I am up early for yoga class but this Saturday I slept until I woke up (hence no alarm clock).    Mor had gone to play golf so I had the house to myself.  I fixed a cup of coffee and enjoyed perusing the morning paper.  This was about 7:30ish and I had an appointment for a facial at 9:00.  Of course this meant I didn’t need to put on makeup or fix my hair so right there, several stressors were eliminated!  After the paper I read the new “Health” magazine I subscribe to and right there on the cover there was mention of 7 ways to lose weight forever!  That was just what I wanted to read since weight has been on my mind and secrets to losing it forever has been something I longed to know!  I did read the article and I knew every single secret to be true.  Unfortunately you have to rigorously practice those secrets to keep the weight off.  I must say though that reading them in print was an affirmation of what I already know:  keep moving, eat breakfast, build muscle, weight regularly, eat mediterranean style (fruits/veggies), etc.

My facial, which was item #18 on September’s 27 Things list was extremely relaxing and I’m glad it is one of the things I added to my September list.   I like getting facials better than a full body massage.  When you get a facial, the esthetician also massages your arms, hands, shoulders, neck, and decolletage.  It is very relaxing and is worth the money if you have the extra to spend on yourself.  I left  feeling relaxed and energized (one of the best combinations you can imagine!)

This month I also have been challenged with getting in my 15 days of 10,000 steps (#21) so I wanted to get in the 10,000 steps each day this weekend to help me reach my September goal.  When I got home I thought about changing into my tennies and going for my walk.  Since I had to go to the store anyway, I thought I would combine the two and walk to the store, get the few items I needed, and walk back.  So that is what I did.  I expected to put on 6,000 steps for the roundtrip to the store.   While at the store I ran into my niece’s daughter and granddaughter which was a pleasant surprise and had a nice chat with the two of them.  Since I was not in a hurry I was able to relax and enjoy the impromptu visit.   I then bought my items and headed home.  Mor and I had planned on going to a volleyball tournament at the university which started at 1:00.  I walked quickly home and got in at 12:20, took a shower, and was ready to head off to the volleyball tournament.  I checked my steps and had over 10,000 steps from my morning activity!  WOW was I happy and at that point, the pressure was off.  The whole idea of what you do at a yellow light came into being and I slowed down for the rest of the day.

Just prior to our leaving for the tournament, we had a downpour of rain that was both unexpected and exciting.  That helped with the slow down too because we were not prepared for the rain.  The volleyball match was fun and we came straight home to relax and watch some T.V.  We’ve been watching a French drama and the new season is out on Netflix.  We tend to binge watch so we ended up watching several episodes of Spiral.  It was nice to just do that and not feel like I had to do anything else!

Sunday morning proved to be as relaxing and after reading the Sunday paper, I got into my tennis shoes and walked to the Sunday Farmer’s Market.  I took my backpack this time so I could load up on veggies and carry them easily back home.  My friend Kathi called when I was out walking and we decided to meet later for a bowl of soup and a good chat.  I finished the active part of Sunday working in the yard and finishing #2 on my 27 Things list in the creative gardening area.  I finished a succulent garden dish and it turned out nicely.  The lovely coleus in the strawberry pot is something I put together in August and it is really strikingly pretty.  The succulents are fairly small but will grow in and fill in the pottery dish nicely (I hope)!

photo (6)

I am glad I slowed down a bit this weekend and truly relaxed and enjoyed my time off work.  The weekends lately have made me think more about retirement and how nice it will be to have more time to do the things I want to do in a leisurely way.  My goals this September have challenged me, especially the 10,000 steps which I didn’t think would be as difficult to reach as it has been.  I still have plenty of time to rack up the steps and have made good progress.

Slowing down this weekend was a really good thing and maybe should be a goal in and of itself!


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