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“Le Fin” for September

Another month closes down and tomorrow starts new opportunities and challenges.  Today, September 30th is both the beginning and the end in my book as it is a Monday (the beginning) and the last day of September (the end)!  It has been a wonderful month of completing projects and getting things done.  The highlights for me include the Unbook Club Book Club gathering last Friday night, the progress we have made on our living trust, and getting the cats to the vet for their immunizations.  Those are three things that may not have happened if they hadn’t been on my list.

I also was challenged this month by the items I included under health.  I had a heck of a time getting in my 10,000 steps when I wasn’t on vacation since my regular schedule keeps me stuck at my desk at work.  It was a real eye opener that I could go the entire day with under 5,000 steps and that to get to 10,000 I had to plan, plan, and plan!  I also struggled somewhat with my yoga committment and although I am committed to my Bikram yoga, until I retire and have more free time I will have to really plan to get to the studio.

I tried several new recipes this month and I got rave reviews on two of the four.  That is not too bad and although I didn’t get rave review on the meatloaf or the strawberry jam, I didn’t get bad reviews either.  It just turns out that they may not be on the “keeper” list for the future.

I talked more with my parents to continue my committment to my genealogy project and continue to be amazed at what I learn.  It is fun to have the discussions and I think both my mom and dad enjoy the discussions as well.  This past weekend I found some pictures of my ancestors on the FamilySearch genealogy site that I had not seen before and when I share the pictures with my parents, they will definitely be pleased!

I’ve made my October list and modified it so it is not exactly the same as September.  I added several items to my 27 Things to do in October to include Holidays as we are getting to that time of year.  I also want to clean up my personal email account and will feel great when that is done so it ended up on my list and frankly, it will take some time to complete.

So I say goodbye to September, the wonderful memories of D.C. and the beautiful weather we had both in D.C. and home and welcome in October and the beginning of the true fall season with the turning of the leaves, the morning chill in the air and the beginning of the holiday season!


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