Sprinting through to the end of March!

Today is Sunday, March 23rd and I have had a busy month so far.  However, in reviewing my 27Things list I am falling short of completion as I enter this 4th week in March.  Some things are completed and that definitely feels satisfying, but I see so many other things I intended to work on that have yet to be started!  I realize that a lot of what I am accomplishing is not on my 27Things list so that means I either have to be more careful as I compile my list or I need to stay more in tune to my list as the month goes on.  At this point in the month it reminds me of Gretchen Rubin’s theory of sprinter vs. marathoner in accomplishing projects and tasks.  I like to think I’m a marathoner and the list could help me with that as I break things up in doable chunks but right now I feel like I’m a sprinter and I am definitely motivated to get the list completed by the end of March.  I have nine (9) days remaining!!  At this point I have 7 tasks completed and several in process that won’t be completed until the end of the month.  I’m walking every day and have been faithful to getting my extra steps in.  I also have been maintaining the Motivated Mom’s approach to maintaining the household chores.  I’m 70% through Edge of Eternity which should get me to the end by March 31st!!  I’ve been listening to podcasts like crazy when I walk but I haven’t listened to Tara Brach’s like I planned to (except the first week).   Okay, I think I can do this and I know if I do I will feel a great deal of satisfaction.  Let’s keep this party going!!


March 2nd … let’s get this party started!

I feel very energized as a result of my March 27 Thing list which I prepared and posted yesterday.   I am always amazed at how a list of things I want to accomplish galvanizes my energy toward getting things done.  Many of the items on my March list have been hanging out in my brain for close to two months, since the beginning of 2015.  I am a believer that writing things down and committing to getting them done is a motivator.   This morning I did update the software on my Iphone 6 – the update was version 8.1.3.   It was a fast one and when I went to update my iPad the update was already completed.  The only thing I can think of is that it happened at the same time I updated my iPhone as a part of the iCloud setup.  Interesting and a little scary too!  I worked on my MoMo app for keeping the house clean and completed some of the major Monday tasks.  I really like the software as it breaks up some of the tasks and you don’t really feel like you are slaving away at house chores but things do stay clean which I like.   I took a brisk walk around the circle about 10:40 a.m. and then got ready for my noon yoga class.  I would like to attend at least 4 classes this week.  Yoga was good today and I should be able to get in 4 sessions this week.  I’ve started reading Finding the Buddha Within (on my list) and also finished a Tara Brach podcast (one each week is on my list).  All in all I feel very energized and happy … that’s a good thing.

March 2015 – Spring is in the Air!

life perfect

It is March 2015.  What happened to October, November, December, January and February?  Well they are long gone.  I did accomplish quite a bit during those months but did not record or list the activities on this blog.  It is a shame really because I like the feeling of accomplishment that the 27 Things listing gives me as I am able to plan activities and tasks and achieve them.  I don’t know about you but I have terrible recall about some of the things I’ve done.  This blog helps me recall both big and little accomplishments and it feels terrific.  So, we are now in March.  Spring will be here this month so I look to this as a new beginning.   I love new beginnings and truly believe that each moment offers that to us if we’ll take it.  There are quite a number of things I want to accomplish in March … things I’ve put off or haven’t had time for and I know that including them in my list will ensure they get done.  That is why they are there!  The list is just that and doesn’t include lots of other things I want to do including having fun.  I realized when I reviewed it that it does look like a to-do task list but that is okay because I’ve included the things that I have either put off or would have a hard time completing without making my 27 Things committment to getting it done.  So without further ado … let this month begin and I look forward to posting positive updates throughout the month.  Laissez le mois déplier!