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It’s in the details!

I have been busy listening to podcasts about organizing, procrastination, and getting things done!  There are actually some good ones out there and although most of what they share I have heard before, it is nonetheless motivating me to get things done.   Since my last update on July 4th, I have listened to approximately 5 podcasts.  All of them have had a little nugget or two of good information.  The main thing I am finding is that it is making me think about what I want to do to organize my home and my life, and it also helps me understand that this is something that people do have a problem with so I am not alone.

Organizing 365 Podcast with Lisa Woodruff in a whole house challenge with an episode to deal with each specific issue or problem.   Lisa shares her experiences and offers some advise which is pretty good.  The episode I listened to was #001 (I like to start at the beginning!) and tackled kitchen paper.  At first I didn’t know what to expect — kitchen paper, wallpaper, wax paper, what??  However I got it immediately as she discussed the paper that accumulates in the kitchen, mail, notes, receipts, etc.  I thought I was the only one with that problem but no it is real for a lot of people.  She provided information on systems to help manage the paper and a definite weekly review so that the paper does not get out of hand.

Stop Prograsting Now Podcast with Stephen Stavrekis from Canada.  I listened to the Premier Episode and this podcast is only comprised for 10 episodes — similar to a training module.  It was actually very good and enlightening.  I know I am not the only person who procrastinate so there was no aha there.  I did learn though that procrastination is a feeling and that visualization of completing the task successfully is very helpful.  He cautioned against forcing ourself to do something where we have procrastinated and instead, look at it positively and visualize success so that you want to do the task.  I thought this was an interesting perspective.  I know that many times I procrastinate about something because it is unknown, or the outcome is unknown and there is an element of fear associated with the task.  I liked his approach to positive visualization and that resonates well with the self-talk concepts presented by Zig Ziglar.  I think I will listen to the remaining 9 episodes in this podcast.

Organizing Mindfully Podcast – Episodes #4, #5, and #6.  I listened to these while I cleaned my house on Monday, 7/6/15.   Episode #04 was titled Organize the Clutter with Julie Ulmer.   Episode #05 was Learn About GTD – Get Clear Space and Be Present with David Allen.  I liked that one as it refers to the benefits of being organized in that we have more space in our brain for other things.  Getting clear is a great concept, and it is something that can be achieved on a regular daily basis instead of once a year when we go through everything preparing to go on vacation.  I think everyone has experienced that.  It is an intense period of organizing and making decision so that you can relax on your vacation.  It generally feels very good as you think you have a handle on everything.  Well, following the GTD system, that can be an everyday feeling.  The last episode was #006 Organize then see Transformation and Obtain Goals with Sarah Buchwalter.

I am also working on the Motivated Moms app to keep things up around the house and although I’m not doing each and every task listed for the day, I am doing quite a bit and it does make a difference in the house.  There is a satisfaction in feeling like you have mastered the house routine and that things are generally clean.  So from my perspective, the Motivated Moms app is really a maintenance app and I need to do maintenance even as I organize.  I think maintenance is  in some ways harder to manage and to get motivated about so I consider this an important component of my July project.   Maintenance, along with organization, should help me move forward.



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