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The Power of Positive Self-Talk

one-thirdWell I am one-third the way through July and I have been enjoying my organization journey very much.   The last few days were somewhat hectic with a funeral yesterday and a ball game in San Francisco on Wednesday.  I was able to fit in yoga and some walking but didn’t focus too much on organization podcasts and the break was fine.  I have been following the self-talk recommendations from Zig Ziglar with a morning and night-time ritual of reading several paragraphs of positive self-talk and I find it really helpful.  It is subtle in a way but I do feel a difference.  Today I thought I would continue with a couple of episodes from the Stop Procrastinating Now Podcast and I was happy to find the sentiment of positive self-talk surface in both episodes I listened to today.  The first was on Emotional Intensity and talked about both internal and external intensity and the importance of fueling that to get things done.  Steve talked about low intensity and lack of motivation and that it is often learned which means we can learn to be more intense in how we approach life.  The next episode was on the idea of Reference Emotion which was described as an opportunity to control how you approach your day.  In other words, starting the day with some thought of how you want to feel and how you want the day to go is important.  This is where the parallel came in with the Ziglar Self-Talk approach.  I know in my own experience I used positive self-talk before important meetings and work presentations.  I learned that way back in college in a speech class I took and how important it was to visualize a successful presentation.  That was probably one of the most important things I learned in college and I consistently applied that principle in my work.  Many of the concepts, ideas, and principles I am listening to in the podcasts are things I already have heard or learned but hearing them again is a reinforcement and is helpful in moving me toward a successful July project.    Lastly, I listened to Zig’s podcast on Balance in Life and I think that is always a good thing to revisit.  Balance is important for our health and well-being and should be an element of a successful life.  In retrospect, I was not as balanced as I should have been in my career.  I regret that I spent more time at work than I should have.  I felt at the time that I needed to do it but I wish I had practiced balance more.   In the end, the work organization never really appreciates it or cares.   You can sacrifice yourself for work but it is an empty sacrifice as the organization moves on and generally forgets.  Your family, as well as yourself, are much more important and that is why balance is so important.

I think this week I will re-group and set a few concrete goals for the remainder of the month.  I’m enjoying this July journey.


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