January 2016

January was an explosive month in terms of setting goals and keeping them.  I love new beginnings and so January was the perfect time to put some of my plans into action.  A whole new year to achieve some of my important goals.  When I consider my overarching theme for the year, I identify both Action and Acknowledgement.  They are important themes for me and I plan to weave them into my daily actions.

January successes include:

  1. Daily meditation  – 15 minutes each day
  2. Daily French language skill building – generally 15 minutes but no less than 3 units a day using Duolingo
  3. Daily water pik and flossing – I’ve consistenly used the waterpik but my hygenist suggested that I floss too
  4. Evening skin treatment
  5. Daily walking – at least 5,000 steps but my real goal is 10,000
  6. Actively participate in the yoga challenge
  7. Daily gratitude list


These may seem simple, but they have made a big difference in my life.  I recognize that doing something everyday works well for me and provides a consistency that I need.  The daily French lessons have provided a nice language foundation and since this is a long term goal, I know by the time I visit Paris again my language skills will be much improved.

Daily meditation is something I have tried to do forever, but it was really only committing to doing it every day, and generally is it the first thing in the morning, that has made it really work.  The impact is subtle but profound.   I focused on Anxiety in December and Creativity in January.

My walking is now a well established habit and I’ve been fairly consistent through 2015.  However, I have raised the bar and set some weekly goals that I am reporting out on Facebook each week and that has been affirming.  The walking has insured that my weight is managed fairly well too.

The yoga challenge started the 2nd week in January and I took 8 classes the first week.  My goal is 6 classes a week and I’ve completed several doubles to reach that goal.  Yeah!  After a break in December, getting back to the studio felt great.

The gratitude list was started in mid-October as part of another yoga challenge and I liked it so much I though I would keep at it. It is remarkable what we can be thankful for and I do view the world in a more appreciative way.  I’ve always been positive but this has deepened that feeling.

It has generally been hit or miss with my skin so this month I decided I would be sure to moisturize my  neck and face each night.  I’m not sure how much good it does really but I do feel better with this evening routine.