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February 29, 2016

Leap year and an extra day in February!  My goal for February was to build on my success in January and keep the new habits I had established and focus on eating more healthfully.  I was able to continue my January habits and so I consider that to be a success.  However, the eating healthfully fell short after the first few days of the month.  Overall I didn’t gain weight and that is something I am monitoring.  However, my eating was unsatisfactory in so many ways.  So what did I learn?  I kept a journal through using a private blog and I did discover some things that I hope will provide success in March.  I think that going in to February my goals were too broad.  In fact, it was just to eat more healthfully as well as eat at the dinner table and take pictures of my meals.  Taking pictures was hit and miss and as a result that did not work for me.  I did sit at the table for the first few days and I liked it but as soon as I fell away from eating thoughtfully prepared meals, I didn’t even think of the table!  Boo!

The learnings are important though and I think I have a better plan for March.  First, I will use more quantitative goals and I will limit them to just a few things.  First I am going to drink at least 8 glasses of water.  I do think that at times I was slightly dehydrated this month that led to a feeling of hunger.  Hydration will be important and I will track the number of glasses I drink each day.  I expect to be successful in that endeavor.  Second, I will eat at least three pieces of fresh fruit each day.  I know I can do that and fruit is very satisfying to me and helps reduce my cravings.  I will track my fruit consumption as well and I expect to be successful in that goal as well.  Finally I will eat at least three vegetable servings with at least one green vegetable each day.  Again, that is doable.  This approach doesn’t deprive me of anything else but I believe that adding these three things to my diet, I will eat much better each day.  That is my March goal but I would not have gained that knowledge except for my attempts in February – so in my opinion, February was a success as well!



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