July 2016

July has been an incredible month.  I have been posting primarily on my other 27 Things blog about decluttering the Lillie House so we can get it ready to sell.  That blog had been dormant for years, since 2011, and this spring I read my old posts and got totally motivated again to declutter using my 27 Things approach.   As a result,  I’ve accomplished a lot in the decluttering area and then decided to update this blog too.  They are really complementary blogs – one is specifically designed for decluttering, organizing, cleaning and is focused on daily tracking.  This one has a broader view of things I want to accomplish each month.

The biggest accomplishment by far this month has been the decluttering I’ve been doing.  Yesterday I reached the 999 mark on items I’ve released from my space.  It is amazing really and of course, the Lillie House made that possible since we have been using it as a storage pod the last few years.  I don’t think I could have accomplished what I have done without the 27 Things approach.  I find it anchors me and gives me the immediate gratification of getting things done and spurs me toward the next 27 Things.  It works!

I also have maintained my Duolingo French Language lessons since the beginning of the year and haven’t missed a day.  I’ve learned a lot but fear that I am in the consciously incompetent phase meaning I know what I don’t know and it is a hard place to be.  Yesterday’s lesson was a review and I realize I may need to spend more time writing things down to really anchor them.  Regardless I am far better off than I was and I know so many more words.  The daily 15-20 minutes has been incredible and it hasn’t been hard to do with the phone app I have.

In October 2015 as part of a yoga challenge I started keeping a Gratitude Journal and I have been consistent in keeping that journal every single day.  It has been a very positive thing to do and I think has probably created an internal shift in my perspective even though I have generally always been somewhat positive.  I list 10 things each day and when I first started this I thought 10 was way too many but in practice it isn’t.  I enjoy thinking of the thinks I’m grateful for.  I  plan on continuing this.

At the Joshua Tree house we have revamped the office and it is a pleasure to work in this room now.  We removed a lot of crap (sorry but we had been using this room primarily as a storage room).  We needed to repair one wall which we did in April.  We painted the walls and replaced the carpet.  We got two desk at Ikea, one for me and one for my husband.  And we bought a nice credenza which is used for storage.  The desks were just put together a few days ago and it feels comfortable to work in this room.

So July has been a good month with lots of accomplishments.