Healthful Start to September

September has started slowly in a nice way and with a three-day weekend!  I have already completed #4 on my list with a complete car trunk clean-out, sorely needed and almost embarrassing when I started taking out item after item.  A car trunk can become almost like a closet and when it is crammed full of stuff, it ceases to really serve its purpose of transporting items, etc.  So, that was an easy one to cross of my list and now, each time I open the trunk,  I’m pleasantly surprised!

The focus the past few days has been on the health items on my list – #19, #20, and #21.   My yoga committment, #19,  is a very important one and I have gone to class five days in a row!  That is really a big accomplishment because I took a break of almost 8 weeks this summer.  I missed the entire month of July and most of August although I did squeeze a weekend in during the middle of August.  The break was really not a bad thing and it did free my time up to do some other things, so I’m not holding on to any guilt for the break.  I think the important thing is that I can easily get back into it and after having some time away, I realize how much yoga helps me cope with stress.  The 90 minute workout in 105 degrees can’t help but provide a detox that helps mind and body.  Each class also just makes me feel better physically too.  Stronger, more flexible, lighter, and energetic!   So this month I have a personal committment to my yoga practice and I’m on a roll so far!

I also committed to making smoothies at least 12 days this month, which is #20.   Yesterday morning, and this morning, I whipped up Mor’s favorite which is my mango, pineapple and orange smoothie concoction with a dollop or two of greek yogurt thrown in.  It is very tasty, and very healthy and provides a couple of fruit servings to start off the day, lots of fiber,  and no added sugar except what naturally occurs in the fruit!

Finally, #21 is a committment to 10,000 steps for 15 days this month.  I was a little worried about this commitment because on Saturday, my Jawbone Up stopped functioning.  This is the tool I use to track steps.  I emailed customer service and they emailed me information on rebooting it.  I followed the directions and although I was hopeful, my jawbone was dead and there was no bringing it back.  They said they would exchange it and would ship one out right away.  That was on Sunday and today, Wednesday, I have a new jawbone.  Spectacular customer service!  So tracking both sleep and steps will continue as I go through this month.


September … A New Month and a New List!

photo (4)

This picture was taken this morning, September 1, 2013 on my drive to yoga class!  It was a spectacular view and I stopped to capture what I knew would be a fleeting cloud formation.   Just as fleeting was August, which is now behind me and September has rolled in to provide an opportunity for a fresh start and a new list of Twenty-seven Things!  I feel good about the things I did in August.  September’s list is similar in many ways but I’ve added a few more specific health related challenges.  Making the commitment to do something a certain number of days really helps me keep on track.  Yoga is one of those things and although I didn’t identify a specific number of my list, I do have a number of yoga classes I want to take this month and this morning’s class was a terrific start!   I also committed to a certain number of days where I plan to reach my 10,000 step goal.  Finally, because my husband has asked me to resume making smoothies in the morning, I have committed to do that for at least 12 days this month.  I think I’ll surpass that number but that is the minimum!

We will be vacationing in Washington D.C. this month and I really want to keep a travel journal and so I have put that on my list as well.   If it is on my list, I will get it done which is really the purpose of my Twenty-seven Things!

Today, September 1st is a wonderful Sunday, partly because I know I don’t have work tomorrow (holiday) and so it feels like a gift of another Saturday!  I’m relaxing, updating my blog, looking at Pinterest recipes to try, and getting ready for a golf game this afternoon with Morris and friends.   I have started a new book, The Round House by Louise Erdrich, just having finished her book, The Painted Drum this morning.  The Round House will be one of my September fiction books, along with the audio book, Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese.

So I am off to enjoy the rest of the day!  September holds so much promise and I am looking forward to visiting Washington D.C.  Here’s to a new list of Twenty-seven Things!  Cheers!