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4) September 2014

September 2014 List (list in development)

1) Update blog and publish

2) Ancestry DNA sample mailed for dad

3) Ancestry DNA sample to Al

4) Make container planter for birthday gift

5) Schedule and plan Reno trip

6) Schedule and plan golf date with DT and MS for end of September  (trip has been planned for first weekend in October)

7) Review and research student loan options

8) Send for Dad’s birth certificate

9) Get paperwork together for Dad’s passport and get it submitted by end of month

10) Write down morning routine in draft form and follow for 30 days before finalizing

11)  Write down evening routine in draft form and follow for 30 days before finalizing

12) Sign up for the Bikram 60 day yoga challenge

13) Go to 6 yoga classes each week during the challenge

14) Try two new dessert recipes this month

15) Try two new entre recipes this month

16) Research care for Dwarf Meyer Lemon tree for container

17) Research fertilizer and care schedule for birch, redwoods, and japanese maple

18) Get all documents needed for Mexican cruise scheduled for November

19) Organize all cards and staionary — collect throughout house and centralize supply

20) Read one non-fiction book this month

21) Read two fiction books this month

22) Spend 4 hours this month organizing mom’s papers and pictures

23) Get flu shot

24) Convert one VHS to DVD this month

25) Get Finland picture framed

26) Flea treatment for Humphrey – check with vet for update on immunizations

27) Schedule a massage


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