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1) August 2013

  1. Create Blog (completed Twenty-seven Things)
  2. Garden – Maintenance Project (completed porch project)
  3. Garden – Creative Project (completed container garden)
  4. House – Deep Cleaning Project  (completed 8/24)
  5. House – Organization Project (completed wine storage organization)
  6. House – Creative Project (completed succulent indoor dish and framing of watercolor)
  7. Books – one nonfiction  (in process and almost done)
  8. Books – one fiction (read One Thousand Splendid Suns)
  9. Schedule Book Club event (set the date and communicated to the Group – 9/27)
  10. Cooking – 1 new dessert (baked a yummy Applesauce Spice Cake)
  11. Cooking – 1 new entree (made Roast Chicken with gravy)
  12. Photography – creative project  (completed)
  13. Photography – upload and sharing of July’s family reunion pics (uploaded to Facebook)
  14. Project – Craft Project with KS and DR (picked up tiles, paper, modpodge for coaster project)
  15. Travel – Research sites for upcoming Washington D.C. Trip  (done!)
  16. Health – Massage (Had a massage on Saturday 8/24 and it was wonderul)
  17. Health – Facial (Vitamin C facial)
  18. Health – Sleep monitoring for the month (monitoring this entire month)
  19. Genealogy – Parents (met and took notes of early years)
  20. Genealogy – Cousins (researched various documents on one cousin)
  21. Clutter – Boxing items project at SL House  (completed several boxes and more 🙂 )
  22. Planning – morning routine (completed morning routine – still fine tuning)
  23. Planning – evening routine (completed evening routine)
  24. Planning – research living trusts (massive research – completed first draft of trust)
  25. Giving – mail this month’s gift package (mailed package and received a big Thank You for the surprise)
  26. Friends – Dinner out (dinner with Deedee and Shannon)
  27. Cats – flea prevention and brush their coats (the cats are flealess and their coats are now smooth)

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