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5) March 2015

1) Update software on iPhone   Completed this on 3/2/15

2) Update software on iPad  Completed this on 3/2/15

3) Complete backup on pc system using HP support.   I found a portable drive I may use but did not purchase.  I need to go over the instructions again.

4) Finish Edge of Eternity (fiction)  Completed 

5) Finish audio book Prince Lestat (fiction)  I finished this on Friday 3/6/15

6) Review cruise information for Dad’s May cruise    This was accomplished 3/16/15

7) Send in jury duty paperwork postponing until end of March    Mailed in paperwork on 3/4/15

8) House – Inventory pantry (inside and outside) Started but not completed

9) House – Complete work on downstairs grout including sealing it Cleaned it but didn’t seal it – not sure if it needs sealed

10) House – Complete polishing downstairs stone tiles Not completed – still looking for the BONA polish (low sheen)

11) House – Begin work on master closet  Did start this – very small steps!

12) Physical Fitness – Add 1,000 steps for March (from 6,000 to minimum of 7,000)    This was a success – on average I did well over 7,000 steps each day with 29 days well over my goal and only two days in the 6,000 range.  My high was 13,242.

13) Physical Fitness – Set up and adhere to weights workout program (min 10 minutes 3 times a week)  Completed this with a workout online M-W-F 

14) Physical Fitness – Continue with yoga practice working on standing head to knee and camel  Attended yoga as follows:  3/2 Power Hour; 3/3 Music Class; 3/4 Power Hour; 3/5 Music Class; 3/9 Power Hour; 3/11 Power Hour; 3/13 Power Hour; 3/16 Power Hour; 3/18 Hot 72; 3/19 Hot 72; 3/22 Yin Yoga; 3/23 Power Hour; 3/24 Music Class; 3/26 Music Class; 3/27 Power Hour; 3/30 Power Hour; 3/31 Music Class.  That is a total of 17 classes in the month of March – YEAH!

15) Spiritual – Listen to weekly Tara Brach podcasts – Listened to:  1) Guided Meditation: Metta (Lovingkindess) from 4/14/14; 2) Meditation on Intention from 12/8/10; I listened to two more that I didn’t track but I discovered a large number of really interesting PODCASTS this month and listened to many on my walks.  

16) Spiritual – Reread Buddhist book – I started Finding the Buddha Within and realized that rereading the entire book in one month was not going to work.  I plan to break this down and re-read this really important book over the course of a year.

17) Giving – Complete one of the paying it forward goals this month (at least one out of a committment to 5)  Okay I actually put all of the items in my Amazon shopping card but need to complete the order which I will do before April 3rd.  I think the recipient will be tickled with the varied contents of the gift box!!

18) Giving – Write a letter each week to a special person – Letters written to SL, PW, and LG.   I wrote three regular letters and sent an update email to Cait.

19) Giving – Finish up gift for ST and get it to her this month    This was completed except I won’t see her until Thursday 4/2 so I have the gift ready to give, along with a nice box to package it in!

20) Learning – Install Rosetta Stone software on pc and begin language lessons – I don’t know why this is such a hard one.  I will do this soon but it did not get done in March.

21) Organization – Work on personal email; set up folders and organize mail; unsubsribe to unnecessary mail    I did unsubscribe from a number of emails but I have not set up the special folders, etc.  I will use this task for future lists and tackle it as a Power Hour task.

22) Garden – Research care of lemon trees; decide whether to maintain tree in container or plant in ground.   Did not get the research done or decision made.

23) Garden – Plant seeds (nasturtium, sweet peas, other) – Got the seed packets but have not actually planted the seeds.

24) House – Continue to maintain and fine tune motivated moms app; add additional tasks.    This app has been such a success and has helped me maintain the house in good order.  

25) Set up appointment for Humphrey for vaccinations – did not get done

26) Send in paperwork for Metlife for Dad     I completed the paperwork on 3/6/15 and mailed it the same day

27) Go to WW and restablish program goals  I  went to WW on Friday, 3/20/15


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