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Container Garden August 2013

Garden Project August 2013container components

This project ended up being much easier than I thought it would be.  Once I purchased the plants and dirt, it took about 20 minute to put it together.  I already had the pot so it was just a matter of putting everything together.  Over the last three weeks the plants have all grown quite a bit and the Margarite is now trailing the ground by a whole foot.

The components for the container garden are 1) Pennisetum “Rubrum” a popular ornamental grass with clumps of cascading purple tipped foliage and long reddish pink feathery flowers-plumes produced in summer and fall; 2) Ipomedoea “Margarite” with luminous chartreuse green leaves, it is a twining climber or cascading border plant great for containers; 3) Calibrachoa Minifamous “electric purple” and “royal blue” with dark green well branched leaves ideal for containers with carpet of vivid purple and blue flowers; and 4) Solenostemom (coleus) with highly variegated leaves and a sharp contrast in leaf colors.


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