The Spark

Motivation is the spark that lights the fire of knowledge and fuels the engine of accomplishments.  It maximizes and maintains momentum.”  ~ Zig Ziglar

Today is the fourth of July.  I think sparklers are appropriate and this quote just nails it for me today.  For my walk today, I selected two podcasts to listen to – Organizing Mindfully and The Ziglar Show – Motivation & Inspiration to Fuel your LIfe.  The OM podcast featured an interview with David Allen which was really good and provided some good information.  Primarily I walked away from that interview with a sense that you need a place for everything and that you don’t have to be perfect all the time.  In other words, a creative mess is okay as long as you can clean up quickly.  That is a simplistic summary but I did get it and understand that as we create we often make a mess and that is okay but once that process is over we get back on track.  That actually sounds good to me.   However, the podcast that really got me excited was the Zig Ziglar one which I found this morning before my walk.  I’m looking at all types of resources out there to get me motivated and excited about my July project.  The episode I listened to was #320  titled “The most life changing thing you’ll ever encounter.”  It was really about positive self-talk and the importance of doing that daily, both morning and night.  I know from experience that this works but I have not done this consistently or really monitored the impact of a daily ritual of positive self-talk.  I’m going to do it this month and as soon as I got home from my walk I looked at the Ziglar website and signed up for the self-talk cards.  I know this may seem hokey but I’ve always done hokey and have benefited from it.  I think there is really something to this positive self-talk and frankly I’m really motivated and my engine is fueled!  I’m truly grateful for that and that I’ve ignited that spark again.  Happy 4th of July!